Better Than Uber

Better Than Uber - YellowCabAlexandria

Alexandria Yellow Cab offers high quality transportation to local residents, international guests, business and leisure travelers, young people, families and older citizens. This town has been benefiting from our services for as far as some of the oldest citizen can remember and have continued to provide the same great service for over half a century. Our team of hard-working, passionate transportation specialists share a common goal. Unlike with Uber and similar giant corporations, our services are local and the team members are local guys. Our values are honest and based on our tradition and looking after each and every client. You can also contact us using Voice Search command “taxi near me” on your smartphone.

Highest Level of Comfort and Efficiency

Your transportation is planned carefully to ensure you always reach your final destination in the highest level of comfort and efficiently. Wherever you are headed, our team can look after you. Next time you have a family celebration to attend, such as a birthday, anniversary, a wedding or another family gathering, count on us to add value to your life event. Supporting our corporate clients and local businesses, getting them to meetings, conferences, airport and special business events is one of our main goals. Whatever the purpose of your travel, Alexandria Yellow Cab will be there around the clock to assist you. Our team is available around the clock to answer all your queries.

A Tradition and Reputation, not Uber

Our honesty and level of service is often praised. In order to uphold reputation and tradition, our team continues to work hard to ensure you are always provided the most comfortable ride with best value. Travel with the winning team and enjoy support and professionalism like nowhere else. Alexandria Yellow Cab is ready to assist you any time of the day or night by sharing our wonderful service with you.