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Become a driver of today! Reap all the benefits that your new career choice will provide. Is being a taxi driver a good job? With Alexandria Yellow Cab, it’s a fantastic one!

As a self-employed, independent contractor for the nearest taxicab in Alexandria, you choose your own flexible hours. Select Alexandria neighborhoods and Washington DC areas with which you are most familiar with and serve those. As an AYC driver, you will have access to the largest customer base in Alexandria as well as build your own.

Why become a taxi driver? Does being your own boss sound enticing? If yes, then fill out the questionnaire on your right- and let’s get rolling. Alexandria Yellow Cab welcomes all neat, friendly, experienced & safe drivers which are interested in the most technologically advanced and finest cab service near the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

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If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Matt Velasquez at 703-836-2500.

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Alexandria Yellow Cab Guidelines

  • General knowledge of Northern Virginia and surrounding landmarks
  • Good driving record
  • Good people skills (polite, etc.)
  • Clean Police record. No DUI or DWI