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Alexandria Yellow Cab Story

Who didn’t need a taxi transfer nearby at one point or another? Alexandria Yellow Cab has proudly served the City of Alexandria for over 60 years (since 1953), building its reputation and customer trust on fantastic service. With this yellow taxicab company, you’ll always have a taxi ride near your location with an emphasis on reliable customer service and passenger safety for an economical price.

About Us - Alexandria Yellow Cab

Where Can I Find an Alexandria Taxi Service near the Airport?

On every corner! A progressive approach and use of innovative technology have earned Alexandria Yellow Cab the highest position in terms of reputation and recognition. You’ll no longer have to wonder “How many miles are there from Torpedo Art Centar to DCA” or “What is the distance between Falls Church and BWI” or “How much does the nearest Alexandria Taxi service to IAD cost?“ Rely on a taxicab company near your area for all airport transfers the future may bring, and you won’t regret it. Join us on a quest to change the way the public gets around.

How Can I Get the Best Taxicab Service near Me?

Ordering a car is as easy as a few clicks on a Alexandria Yellow Cab website, or by calling 703-549-2500. Once an order is placed, you will receive text message updates of the status of your Alexandria taxicab and a link to track its progress. For those who do not want to receive text messages, calling the automated phone system at 703-549-2500 will provide you the up to date estimated time of the taxi’s arrival and even allow you to anonymously speak with your driver. No matter if you need a point to point ride, hourly booking, round trip, or you’re in for a long run, easy and efficient transportation awaits you with Alexandria Yellow Cab nearby.

With a history of service as long as Alexandria’s, this company has enjoyed the pleasure of being the employer of choice for the best drivers in Alexandria and Washington DC (some say in all of Northern Virginia). Alexandria cabbies are highly skilled transportation professionals with vast knowledge of the areas they drive in. Let’s say you want to get from Arlington to Annandale, or from National Harbor to Eisenhower Valley, these fantastic local experts will always select the optimal route to get you from where you are all the way where you want to be. Be certain that they are all self-employed taxi cab drivers near your area have a strong work ethic and focus on customer service, with every ride.


Why Should I Opt of Services of This Yellow Taxi Company near Alexandria?

Because you’ll get the best administrative and customer support team as well when you book with us. Not to mention, that all the vehicles in Alexandria Yellow Cab are always carefully cleaned, arrive in pristine condition to any location, and are well-maintained! The best logistical team close to you is dedicated to continuous improvement and demonstrates this through the consistent upgrade of the technology available for use, innovative processes and standards.

Choose us when you want to get the best value for your money!